Stay focused. Aim for the best spot. Master the techniques and rules towards the goal. Darts is a fascinating game which involves the throwing of darts into a dartboard. The goal of the game is to hit the center of the dartboard. It is easy to play; however, the main objective is challenging to achieve. It needs practice and techniques to consistently hit the dartboard’s heart.

Are you new in the world of darts? Do you want to check techniques to consistently hit the bull’s eye? Keep reading because you are on the right page.


How should I play?

A. Stand with posture

Stand on the marking line. Move your one foot back to around a 30-degree to 45-degree angle from your front foot. Make it so that your front foot will carry more of your weight than the back foot. Estimate an imaginary line from the bull’s eye towards your eyes then use that as a guide for you to throw the dart.

B. Grip with comfort

The way of holding a dart depends on the barrel and finger position of the player. A player could throw a dart in any way he or she wanted. Nevertheless, here are some tips to consider for better results:


Face up the tip of the dart:

  • Relax your hand yet firmly grip the dart. Don’t grip it too tightly or too loosely.
  • Loosen your fingers to lessen tension. Don’t place your fingers too close to each other.
  • Your eyes should be on the same line with the tip of the dart and the target.
  • Make sure not to exert more pressure on the dart while releasing. Don’t press hard the barrel.


C. Throw with your shoulder, hands, and elbow aligned in a straight line

D. Aim with your dominant eye

The line of sight method is a known technique used to focus the dart towards the aim. Some use their left eye whereas some use their right eye. Some prefer to use both eyes. However, one tip is to check and use your dominant eye for throwing. Throw the dart while closing each of your eyes. The eye that is more difficult for you to close is your dominant eye.


Since you already have an idea on how to play darts, grab your darts now and start aiming for the goal! It may be challenging at first but once you get used to it and have discovered your techniques, you will be one of the masters. For more techniques, check “Proper Techniques for Playing Darts”. As you master the basics steps of playing, it is appropriate for you to learn the different rules in playing darts. Just like any other game, there are rules to follow. To know about the rules, read “The Darts Regulation Authority Rule Book”.