Just like other games, darts have unique terminologies for beginners to learn to fully understand the game. Here are some of the terminologies:

  1. Bust: it is the state of restoring the score of a player during the previous game.
  2. Bull’s eye: It is the small circle at the center of a dartboard where a player aims to hit.
  3. Cork: Another term for bull’s eye.
  4. Double: It is the outer ring around the dartboard or can also be the dart that hit the outer ring of the dartboard.
  5. Double bull: it is another term for the core or point at the center of the bull’s eye.
  6. Double In: It is the state of hitting the double area to start a game.
  7. Double out: It is the state of hitting the double area to win the game or to finish a game.
  8. Eights: It is slang of “Eighteen”.
  9. Fives: It is a slang of “Fifteen”.
  10. Flight: It is the fin-like structure at the tail of the dart that helps in the float of dart in the air.
  11. Hocker: It is the throwing line of a dart. It is also called as “oche”.
  12. Leg: It refers to a game in a match.
  13. Match: It is a set of complete games. The average number of sets to win a match is five.
  14. Mugs Away: It is the state in which the loser of the game starts the next game.
  15. Nines: It is a slang of “Nineteen”.
  16. Pie: It refers to the scoring area in a dartboard.
  17. Robin Hood: It is the state when a thrown dart sticks at the back of another dart on the dartboard.
  18. Round: It refers to a three-dart turn.
  19. Sevens: It is a slang term of “Seventeen”.
  20. Shaft: It is the center portion of a dart that the player holds.
  21. Shanghai: It is the state of hitting single, double, and triple of the same number in one throw.
  22. Sixes: It is a slang term of “Sixteen”.
  23. Splash: It is the state of determining the order of the play by allowing both competitors to throw two darts at the same time. The scores will be added together. Whoever has the highest score will go first.
  24. Straight In: It is the state of starting a game without the need to double in.
  25. Straight Out: It is the state of ending a game without the need to double out.
  26. Ton: It refers to a 100 point score.

27. Ton-eighty: It refers to 180 point which is the highest possible score during a sing three-dart turn.