World of Darts is a newly established site founded by a group of successful professionals and talented individuals who are passionate in the game of darts. The founders decided to develop a site with the vision of creating a global society of darts while working as one in establishing the game worldwide.

Since darts is now a global phenomenon, the World of Darts’ initial objective is to reach out to all passionate and interested individuals by helping them learn and share techniques in playing darts. The World of Darts presents all information about darts and the recent news about it.

Other than serving as an outlet and inlet of darts information, one of its objectives is to conduct programs or competitions that will bring passionate individuals together. Moreover, the site provides a discussion group and tutorials that are accessible globally. Furthermore, the World of Darts provides training, seminars, and workshops that are open to all interested participants.

Lastly, the World of Darts aims to connect with other darts corporations to collaborate in developing the game and increasing the accessibility of darts facility in many places.