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4 Best Apps for Darts Players

If you are a dart enthusiast, you will be pleased to know that the market is packed with numerous darts apps and here is the special codes for you. As technology continues to evolve, it is now possible to use dart-related apps to improve your gaming experience.

There is an app available, whether you need a scoring companion or just want to stay updated with the latest match action or scores.

In this blog, we will list some of the best apps to check out if you are a dart player.

MadHouse Darts Scorer

If you find it a hassle to do the math whenever you play darts and need a scoring tool, then MadHouse Darts Scorer by Moji Moji Designs might be worth considering.

The app is currently available on the Apple App Store and was originally designed for various versions of the IOS iPhone. You can play darts with up to four friends and score games ranging to various types like 301 to 901, Gotcha, Bermuda Triangle, and Cricket. You also have the option to play with MadHouse bots if you are planning to practice alone and still improve your skills.

Darts501’s Basic Darts Leg Scorer

If you are looking for a free app, then you will surely love Darts501’s Basic Darts Leg Scorer. This app is a mobile scoring program that can be accessed for free on the Darts501.com website.

Playing is very simple as it lets you choose a game from 301 to 1001 and play with a partner. Input the score, click enter, and the app will automatically compute the score for you in your game.

You can put your names by clicking the Player 1 and Player 2 texts on the screen. It is also possible to click undo and re-enter the score if you made a mistake. To use the app, go to their website and select Dart Leg & Game Scorers under the Games tab.

Darts King

There are also games available for a dart player to do during pastime. One excellent app is the Darts King, a professional 3D darts simulator that is free to download in the Google Play Store.

Darts King features various game modes, different difficulty stages, and supports PVP mode. Ultimately, this game is perfect for all kinds of dart players.

King of Darts

Another app similar to Darts King is King of Darts, which you can download at the Apple App Store. King of Darts is free for everyone, and it supports 16 languages with different game modes for you to enjoy. Furthermore, it is also possible to play in offline mode. Hence, you don’t need to worry about an internet connection to access the game.

Final Words

We have listed the best five apps that we think would be useful, convenient, and enjoyable for any dart player. If you enjoy playing RPG and darts, you might also want to check out AFK Arena. This game allows you to explore different adventures with storylines. You can also collect heroes from various factions and test your skills by strategizing in battles.

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