Sports Injuries

Five Ways of Preventing Sports Injuries

Playing various sports is very enjoyable but it brings a different feeling when you get an injury. Keeping fit and safe keeps you enjoying the game therefore it is important to take the necessary precautions like best skateboard wheels etc.

It is also important to select skateboard parts appropriately to avoid injuries when skateboarding. The following tips will help you to avoid injuries when playing.

Wearing appropriate protective gear

Anything that prevents you from getting injured is termed as protective gear. Various sports require different sports gear. The common protective gear is the helmet. It suits games like hockey, biking, baseball, and skateboarding, among others.

Each game has a unique injury hence different helmets are required. Fasten your helmet if it has straps to ensure it does not fall off when playing.

A helmet protects the head, but other body parts require protection as well, depending on the sport. Mouth and knee guards, a protective cup made for boys, and eye protection are also needed in specific sports.

Always remember to choose your protection gear appropriately. A good example is wearing cleats for football and baseball games. Cleats have a rubber sole that gives your feet a tight grip when running and turning.

Ensure you warm-up

It is not advisable to start playing immediately without doing warmup exercises. Moreover, even stretching is not advisable before engaging in some warmup exercises.

Loosening your muscles up by jogging a little is essential because you will be prepared to play. This improves blood circulation to your muscles hence increasing activity because muscle pulls are prevented.

Understanding the procedures of the game

Just like how drivers observe traffic lights, it the same way you should understand and adhere to the rules of the game. When you understand your role, it will also be easy to prevent injuries. This is especially with games that make use of plays.

Watching out for others

Being courteous and protecting other players is very essential. For example in baseball, flinging the bat is avoided to prevent injuring other people.

When swimming, it is essential to ensure a clear spot to avoid landing on other swimmers. Warn others in case their shoes are untied as this can lead to dangerous falls and do not forget to watch out for yours too. Watching out for others goes hand in hand with heeding what your coach says.

Do not play if you have an injury

If you value and love your sport, you might get tempted to return to the field even with an injury but this is not advisable. This can worsen the injury to the extent of making it long term.

Embrace a culture of honesty with your coaches and ensure they become aware in case you get injured. Your coach and team doctor will advise you when to get back to play. Some injuries are serious therefore they require medical attention by a medical professional.


The above tips will help you to prevent injuries while playing. Embrace them to enjoy sports frequently because risks to injuries are reduced.

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