Darts Exercise

Darts Exercise: Training to Be the Best

Darts is an appealing game. As mentioned by Fitness-China.com, only a few people have the skills to throw darts correctly. Everyone has their own concern in playing darts; some play the game to be a pro while others do it for leisure.

Whatever is the reason you are playing this game, hitting the target is something you should practice on.

Here are the best exercises that will improve your darts skills:

Prepare your body for the routine

Many muscles can be used in playing darts. It is important to train all these. Preparing your body could improve your overall performance.

Once your body is used to the routine, you won’t get exhausted easily. Some helpful exercises that would improve your stamina are jogging, treadmill, and other outdoor exercises that uses stamina.

Posture exercises

Playing darts requires proper posture and balance. While some innovative techniques would improve your posture and balance but would require fitness equipment thus costly. Conventional exercises, however, are less costly and won’t give you discomfort.

Below are some exercises that would improve your posture:


Follow these steps to execute this exercise correctly:

  1. Lay down your face while your forearms and elbows are supporting your whole body.
  2. Your elbows should be aligned with your shoulders and your legs should be apart.
  3. Engage your abdomen muscles
  4. Maintain this position as you can

The Arrow

This exercise will strengthen your back muscle and at the same time improve your posture. Follow these steps to properly execute this routine.

  1. Lay down your face while feet are slightly apart
  2. Don’t strain your muscles
  3. Inhale deeply and draw in the muscles of your abdomen from your pelvic region
  4. Draw in the shoulders for your scapular to move downwards.
  5. Arm should be stretched in line with your shoulders while the palm of your hands facing inwards.

Hands and wrist exercises

Strengthening your hands and wrist is important in the game of darts. To strengthen these parts of your body, you can do an exercise that fist and relaxes your hand.

Another exercise would be to abduct your fingers. This means spreading your fingers to form a web. These two routines should be repeated.

Mental Alertness

Improving your concentration is important when it comes to eyeing the target. Some of the activities that would improve your mental alertness are reading and meditation.

Eye and Hand Coordination

This routine is an essential segment if you want to be a pro. This would need a connection between your eye and hand.

Having your dominant eye aligned with your throwing hand would result in an efficient dart throw. Playing the game of catch would enhance your eye-hand coordination.


Regular exercises do not only improve your well-being but also enhances your dart skills. Exercises are great, but your dart skills would improve immensely with constant practice. If you want to excel in this sport, you should integrate exercise with practice together.

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