Exercises For Maintaining Condition for Darts

Best Exercises For Maintaining Condition for Darts

The sport of darts may seem like a game only played at a bar or backyard. However, it has evolved over the years and became a fitness equipment and competitive sport, much like billiards. Players take pride in their abilities, and there are organizations gaining sponsorship for creating tournaments.

Such a sport demands players to be consistent and deadly accurate, and that is the reason for its entertainment value. To address the expectations, players have to stay fit and prepared for game day with the following exercises:

  • Fitness

Endurance is the main quality needed by a dart player. The only opponent is yourself, and to maximize your potential, keeping fit is essential. Here are some exercises that improve your endurance.

  • Jogging

Regular jogging can increase your stamina. It doesn’t have to be a marathoner level, but keeping it consistent or even progressing can increase your chances of maintaining your performance during game day with ease.

  • Other Aerobic Exercise

Sometimes jogging can be so weary. To avoid feeling burned out, you can try other aerobic exercises like cycling, treadmills, and even endurance sports.

  • Posture Strengthening

Darts require repetitive launching of the arrow to the dartboard. If you want consistency, then your balance and posture must be correct at all times.

  • Arrow Posturing

The best way to make a movement delivered consistently is to engrave it in your muscle memory. Utilize a mirror so that you can evaluate your posture. Rehearse your throwing form repetitively until it becomes automatic. Practicing a hundred times a day of properly executed form can already be a decent habit.

  • Planking

Planking is the best exercise for core muscles. Developing core muscles is essential to keep your body in balance, and if it is easy for you to stay in balance, then body form adjustments can be conveniently made. Also, the upside is you will soon gain abs.

  • Muscle Strengthening

Like all sports, you also need to improve your muscles so that you can put more power into your movements. As for the darts, the most used muscle is on the arms.

  • Triceps Pushups

This exercise helps you to develop your triceps. The more defined that muscle group, the more power you can efficiently and effectively deliver towards your fingertips and to the arrow.

  • Wrist and Hand Strengthening

As you gain power, the joints might be experiencing wear and tear. To avoid any injury, try to strengthen these parts with constant stretching, dumbbell raises resistance training and even gripping exercise.

  • Mental Alertness

In a game of endurance, the body is not the only thing needed. Keeping fit in mind is also a must to maintain concentration at all times. The best practices involve meditation and breathing exercises.

  • Hand-Eye Coordination

To win, you need to execute your strategy with such accuracy. Your body can perform, and your eyes can aim, but it won’t be successful if they are not coordinated. You can improve your hand-eye coordination by playing ‘catch-a-ball’ or even other sports like table tennis.


Darts may seem simple at first, but it demands a lot of consistency and accuracy when done competitively. To meet those demands, you have to do specific exercises in keeping fit for the game day.

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