Websites for Dart Players in 2020

Top Darts Blogs and Websites for Dart Players in 2020

Dart is an old yet still popular game like Ken Griffey jr. rookie cards games. It usually seen in clubs, bars, and pubs. Many people like it because of the drama and exhilarating feeling it gives while throwing the dart and watching where it would land. “Have you hit the bullseye” or “did you just hit the treble twenty?” these are among the exciting lines you would hear while playing darts.
If you want to enhance your skills in darts, buy sports gear, or just simply wanted to be educated in this game, here are some top websites you could browse on:

World Darts Federation

You don’t consider yourself a dart fan if you are unaware or don’t want to be part of this organization. As the name suggests, WDF is the official organization of darts players all over the world.

Its website,, provides information, news, and updates about the sports. It organizes, of course, tournaments in which various players across the world participate. WDF has the aim of making darts being internationally recognized as a major sport.

Red Dragon Darts

Red Dragon Darts founded in 1975 is one of the oldest companies selling high-quality darts, boards, and other accessories. If you are fond of collecting baseball cards, you can equally enjoy watching dart icons on this website’s live shows.

This platform does not only satisfy dart enthusiasts, but they also get to help other people. Just recently, they hosted live streams for coronavirus fundraising.


If you are a beginner in this sport, you may like Unicorn. Unicorn under the domain name promises amateurs a worthwhile journey to be on top. If the brand name “Unicorn” sounds familiar to you, well they are a popular brand among sports enthusiasts.

The Unicorn darts have proven a lot. Many dart icons have won the world championship using the brand’s dart over the years. Their latest achievement at the moment was being chosen by PDC as the best website to host dart thrown events on the terrestrial channel and SKY TV.

Shot Darts

Shot Darts, established in 1970, is one of the most reputable companies in the dart industry. If you want to educate yourself or learn some interesting tips about the sport, you can read their blogs on their website. They don’t only sell topnotch sports products but also provide educational and helpful blogs among aspiring and dart enthusiasts.

3 Darts to Play

Want to improve your skills or looking for good reviews on various darts gear? Well, 3 Darts to Play can be your guide. Their website is known for reviews, giveaways, and dart updates. You will learn on their website a lot of tricks, techniques, best dart equipment, and other latest news about the Sport.


Many people are fond of sports, and darts is one of those which is least popular. A lot of people are debating whether dart shall be considered a sport. However, darts is not only about throwing the dart. It is about the sheer joy you feel when you play it with your friends.
If you are one of those who are curious about darts, or those who wanted to be a pro, browsing these websites would be helpful to you. These platforms are certainly the best and reliable whether you are looking for gears, tournaments, updates, and many more.

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