Cannabis Oil Incredibly Saved His Dogs

Dart Legend Reveals How Cannabis Oil Incredibly Saved His Dogs

Another feat in the study of some Cannabis Oils is the claim of the renowned darts legend, Bobby George, on using the substance to cure his dog’s back and leg ailments. The vets already told him that nothing could be done to help it. However, with his discovery and testing of Cannabidiol, specifically CBD oil, he was able to save his dogs from death.

Vet’ Diagnosis of Bobby George’s dogs

Bobby George’s hound TwoPee, 16 years of age, was on the brink of death. He was not able to stand up, resists touches, and even sleep well because of spinal pain. The vets were already telling him that his dog would die soon. However, Bobby George would not give up without giving a shot of saving his dog. This is where he tried CBD oil.

How Cannabidiol Saved Bobby George’s Dogs

When he was told about CBD oil and its magnanimous effects on human health and wellness, he decided to try using the substance to cure his dog’s back pain. He mixed it with some coconut oil and added it to his pet’s dog food every day. Almost instantaneously, he saw a lot of changes in the dog’s physical condition. TwoPee starts to run, make back stretches, and slept well after taking in dog food mixed with CBD oil.

He also tried using the same mixture on his terrier’s front leg lump. The dog was supposed to be amputated, according to the veterinarians. Still, he was able to reduce it after applying the mixture on it. In almost three weeks, the swelling was reduced, and the lump was gone.

CBD Oil and the cure to animal illnesses

Medical practitioners, including veterinarians in the country, are permitted to prescribe their patient’s cannabis-derived medicines. This is part of a campaign that promotes the use of Class A drugs, like ecstasy and magic mushrooms, to be used and legalized for medical use.

A report from the Health Poverty Action reveals that the legalization of these drugs can add more taxes of up to £3.5 billion. They also added that this is the best time for the government to add more funds to the National Health Services (NHS). They should also loosen up the grip on the prohibition of these drugs and legalize the use of them. It was backed by a testimony of a former Miss UK Kerri Parker about how the use of CBD oil saved her from brain cancer.


Cannabis-derived medications have now excited a lot of consumers. Not in the physical sense but in the patterns of consumerism and patronage over these substances. Since they were considered in the past as illegal and prohibited. A lot of testimonies are pointing to the fantastic benefits of Cannabidiol in combatting ailments, not just on humans but also on animals.

This Bobby George testimony signifies a shift in the use of cannabis for animals with life-threatening illnesses. It also shows how the government in the UK is considering the support for these substances. The primary thing that we should consider with these drugs is their medical benefit to animals and humans.

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