What Do I Need?

To get started, you should have the following equipment and space where you could safely and comfortably play the game.


A. Dartboard

A dartboard is a high-quality board divided into 20 sections. There are two types of dartboard: the bristle dartboard and the electronic dartboard.

A bristle dartboard is made from sisal fibers while an electronic dartboard is made from plastic with holes. They are both recommended for novice or expert gamers.

However, their main difference is that a player should compute his/her score using the bristle dartboard. On the other hand, an electronic dartboard will automatically compute the score of a player.


How to set up your dartboard

The dartboard is positioned on a wall of a space where you could safely and comfortably play alone or with your friends. The standard distance of the center of the dartboard from the ground is five feet eight inches (5 ft and 8 in).

When buying a dartboard, you need to check its preciseness and accuracy especially if you will use it for rehearsals and competition.

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B. Darts

A dart is a pointed equipment a player throws to hit the bull’s eye. It consists of four parts; namely point, shaft, grip, and flight, all of which have essential roles in making a successful hit. Nowadays, darts are made from different materials such as wood, brass, tungsten, and nickel silver.

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C. Marking line

A marking line is a line in front of the dartboard where players will stand while throwing the darts. The standard distance from the wall to the player should be seven feet and 9 inches (7 ft. and 9 in.) away from the dartboard.

Once you have the needed materials and you already positioned the dartboard, it is time for you to play.

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