Maintaining a Long-Lasting Dartboard

The lifespan of a dartboard depends on varied factors such as weight of darts used, the type of throw and the type of points. For you to maintain the durability of your dartboard, do the following steps:

1. Turn the dartboard regularly

To distribute the wear in a dartboard, it is helpful to turn the dartboard at least in few angles from its original position a day.

2. Locate your board on a cool, and dry place

Darts manufacturers already created dartboards that are suitable for use in different temperatures and seasons. However, to ensure a longer use of your dartboard, it is still recommended to position it in a cool, and dry place.

3. Let the dartboard dry all the time

Some misconceptions say that wetting a dartboard will increase its lifespan. However, it is the opposite since the water can damage the board.

4. Turn a dart slightly as you remove it from the dartboard

Careless removal of darts from the dartboard might pull the fibers that make up the dartboard and can soon decrease the surface density which affects the performance of the board.

5. Sharp and smooth pointed darts are the better choice

Using a sharp, smooth point dart can help minimize the damage to the dartboard, however, make sure that the dart is not so sharp. Too sharp darts can bounce out when they hit the wires and deflect to the fiber or score.

In shaping your darts, use dart point sharpener. To check for different dart accessories, visit “Your Complete Guide To The Best Dart Accessories In 2019 – With Reviews

6. Check the support of the dartboard

Make sure that the screw that holds the dartboard from the wall is well intact to ensure that the dartboard will not fall. However, if the weight of the dartboard is beyond its capacity, use other supports such as clamps.

Follow the given tips to maintain your dartboard. For more tips, read How to Maintain Your Darts and Dart Board”.

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