Legends and Their Signature Moves

Aside from the general techniques followed in playing darts, each player has his or her technique to hit the point. To determine your technique, you need to take your time in practicing while trying different finger position or body position.

One tip you can follow is to watch great dart players and imitate their stance, grip and throw. Each of the darts masters has similar techniques and attitude but they have the signature style that can work for each of them.

One of the legends of darts is Micheal Van Gerwen. He is labeled as the youngest dart player who won the world master at the age of 17. After his victory, he was still struggling for consistency but with vigorous rehearsal, he was able to regain his victory in 2012 during the first Professional Darts Corporation premier event at the 2012 World Grand Prix. Recently, he won the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) World title for the third time. One of his technique is to hold the barrel with the tip of his thumb and middle finger while resting it in his index finger.

Another darts master who won the world championship 16 times is Phil Taylor. In his statements, he implied that to have consistency in playing darts, the technique is mastering your stance. Moreover, setting your goal per play is essential, whether it is a rehearsal or a real game. Taylor’s dart moves are one of the most imitated techniques.

Determine the center of gravity of the dart by balancing it in your open arm, use the pencil grip method by holding darts using your thumb and your two fingers. As you throw the darts, pull it slowly towards your right eye. Make sure the tips of the dart are pointing upward while maintaining your arms in a 90-degree position.

To watch and observe the techniques of Micheal Van Gerwen during the recent championship, watch, “Michael van Gerwen vs. Michael Smith | Final | World Darts Championship 2019

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